Warhol-sprite_smGetting To Know, Inc. is an independent educational media production company. We are based in Chicago, Illinois and have some of the country’s foremost creative talents to draw on to produce our light-hearted, intelligent and appealing introductions to the worlds of art and history.

We are dedicated to making the world’s greatest people, places, ideas, and events accessible to children and adults in an easy to digest, fun approach.

Getting To Know, Inc. presents fun and factual introductions of art, culture, and history to students from pre-k through high school.

We produce and distribute the following series of educational videos:

“Getting To Know The World’s Greatest Artists” – Each of these videos in this ALA AWARD WINNING SERIES introduces young learners to the life and works of a famous master artist. Historical images, abundant artworks, and humorous animated sequences combine to create an entertaining and memorable educational experience.

“Getting To Know The U.S. Presidents”  – this ALA AWARD WINNING SERIES tells of the struggles and accomplishments of America’s most influential and intriguing leaders. These animated biographies make history fun, understandable and fascinating. Also adapted from Mike Venezia’s popular book series of the same names.

“Getting To Know The Elements of Art” – these videos introduce youngest of learners to beginning art techniques and ideas in a light-hearted, easy to understand and memorable combination of fun narration, entertaining animation and concrete usable information.

“Getting To Know Art Media” – these videos are aimed at the youngest of learners to introduce them to the tools of making art. Again real artwork, fun animation and narrators make this series memorable and fun.