GETTING TO KNOW… ALL ABOUT ART: Line in Art; Color in Art; and Shape & Form in Art.

Three DVDs or VHS/17-26 min, each/$24.95 each. Level: K-4. Gettingto­, 30 E. Huron, Ste. 4410, Chicago, IL 60611;

Helpful in catching youngsters’ attention. enthusiastic youthful voic­es of boys and girls handle the narration in these excellent productions. Commentary is not only entertaining and intelligently presented, but it concisely explains the nature of what is being viewed in relation to the
ele­ment of art being described in each separate video or DVD (line, color, shape and form.)

Basic terms are clearly defined visually and verbally, and the works of such great artists as Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and Claude Monet are put to use to illustrate concisely the basics of each term and concept. The explanations are fast moving throughout the productions and, thankfully, do not “talk down” to children.

Online companion study guides (available at extend the on-screen lessons. Teachers will find this series an ideal tool for introducing the basics of art to young children.-B.H.

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