DVD)/24 minutes/$29.95 Level: Elementary and Middle School, Getting to Know.

This DVD about Edgar Degas is one of a series of films of animated biographies about well-known artists. The group of videos is based closely on Mike Venezia’s highly respected collection of books from his Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists series.
Rich use of visuals, including examples of Degas’ paintings, draw­ings, pastels and sculptures, are combined with historic images from the time period to create a very engaging presentation. The animation style is lively and, at 24 minutes, is sure to hold the attention of young viewers.

The story of Degas’ life is told in a first-person narrative, and does a very good job of including historical information to put Degas’ background in its rightful context, including explaining his childhood, his influences and his relationship with his peers, along with putting his life and artistic development in the context of the art movements that sur­rounded his career.

This presentation is well suited for use by art teachers, as well as teachers without an art content background, as they could easily absorb the pertinent information. Geared primarily for elemcmury­ age students, the film contains enough interesting information that it would also appeal to middle­ school students.-P.H. | circle #399