BOOKLIST-Davinci-Nov03November 2003

Leonardo da Vinci. Kiki & Associates. 2003. 23min. $24.95 (pp) CC 312″642-5526, Cr. 3-7.

Interest kids in Renaissance art? Sounds laughable, doesn’t it?
Yet laugh and learn are what viewers will do when the digitally animated da Vinci introduces himself and his pivotal achievements.

In his amus­ingly exaggerated Italian accent, the artist tells about his early interest in drawing ani­ mals and plants, his love of learning, and his inventive genius.

These diverse elements are evident when reproductions of da Vinci’s works are eyed, From such humorous punches as the duke of Milan impersonating a Godfather character to wacky flying devices, jokes and details about the artist constantly flow.

Captions identifying the featured art pieces conclude this highly recommended video. Rembrandt. another new title in the ongoing Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists series  is also avail­able. -Ellen Mandel