BOOKLIST-DrawingMediaNovember 2009

Drawing Media.

2009. 24min. Getting to Know, OVD. $29.95. K-Gr.4.

In this animated offering, with voice­ over by youthful narrators, budding artists are introduced to basic drawing materials and techniques. Kids learn why pencils are usually yellow and what “lead” pencils are really made of, in addition to other trivia. Advanced drawing techniques. including crosshatching and color layering. are pre­sented, and works of such master artists as Vincent van Gogh and Edgar Degas arc included along with childlike sketches.

Similarly, the program moves on to charcoal,  chalk, pastels, crayons, and markers. Various media are compared and simple art projects are explored. The remaining segments discuss types of paper, sketchbooks, and inspiration.

Lively background music, funny sound effects. and clear onscreen cap­tions add interest, and a final segment with review questions reinforces key points. This useful classroom resource manages to cover fairly sophisticated skills in a kid-friendly fashion. An online companion study guide is also available. -Candace Smith