BOOKLIST-MichelangeloNovember 2005

Michelangelo. 2005. 25min. Cecrtog toKnow, VHS, $29.95. Gr. 3-5.

This video concentrates on Italiansculptor and painter Michelangelo. From theopening song, with various artists singing about art and themselves, this is a laugh-out-loud treat.

Michelangelo’s life is explored, includ­ ing his early days in Florence and his later years in Rome. An terms are clearly explained, and background music is catchy and varied. The animated Michelangelo speaks in a fun Italian accent, bringing ro [he screen a lot of attitude, as befitting a genius.

The artist has several verbal encounters with people from his life, and these funny exchanges provide insight into the artist and his work. The video concludes with pho­ tographs of significant works identified by tide and current location.

Informative and highly entertaining. -Sandy Palfrey