August 2001

Claude Monet. GettingtoKnow com, 2000, rel.2001. 22min. $24,95BOOKLIST-Monet-Aug01

Gr. 1–6. Based on Mike Venezia’s popularongoing book series Getting to Know theWorld’s Greatest Artists. this title focuses on Claude Monet. Speaking in an accessible French accent. The cartoon character Monet hosts this smooth blend of brightly colored art reproductions, archival photos, and quirky drawings spiked with kid­ friendly humor.

The Monet character “steps into” several of his paintings to explain the bold brush strokes. depiction of light, use of outdoor settings, and everyday subjects that are representative of the impression­ ism movement and the artist’s work, Monet’s youthful days in Paris and his rebellion against the somber, realistic paintings of the period are playfully related.

Mixing solid facts with appealing visuals, this first-rate, well-priced program is highly recommended for elementary-school art classes. Vincent Van Gogh, from this same series, is also available. -Candace Smith