BOOKLIST-WarholNovember 2007

Andy Warhol. May 2007. Getting to Know, DVD, $29.95

This latest entry in the popular Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists series introduces quirky pop- artist Warhol. A laid back animated Warhol shows off his self-portraits before telling about his introspective childhood, when he compensated for ill health by drawing pictures.

He then describes art classes, talks about his work as a commercial artist in New York City, and tells of his all-consuming desire to be rich and famous. The artist’s evolution from painter and sculptor to filmmaker and superstar is discussed with music, contemporary photographs, and art reproductions amplifying the narration and animation.

Treading lightly over Warhol’s alternative lifestyle and adding just enough silliness to maintain interest, this entertaining pro­gram leads youngsters into the world of pop art. -Candace Smiln.