Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth President

Produced by Getting to Know You, lnc., 2011, (DVD) 22 minutes, ISBN 978- 0982880357, $39.95.

Abraham Lincoln is part of the series Getting to Know the US Presidents, based on the books by Mike Venzia. Others in the series are: George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. The DVD consists of mainly cartoon-like animated illustrations with some black-and-white photographs of Lincoln and color paintings of some incidents in Lincoln’s life.

The story is clearly narrated by President Lincoln and covers his life from his birth to his death. The Civil War is covered in some depth discussing the slavery issue and how it related to his presidency. Monuments to Lincoln are also mentioned and discussed.

This is a fun, humorous look at our 16th president while still giving the main points of his life and legacy in language children will be able to understand. This is ideal to use with students during February and President’s Day or as a brief introduction to the Civil War.
Highly recommended for Grades K-S. Ages 5-11.

Anne Hoffman