Fact-filled – and fun-filled, too! Get to know the lives, works, and times of great artists through the centuries in these entertaining animated videos. Historical imagery blends with cartoon craziness in a unique, award-winning style.

Art basics in an easy-to-watch, easy-to-understand video format designed for elementary viewers. Fundamentals like Shape and Form, Color, Line, and Art Media are presented by appealing young narrators.

Learn about the towering figures of American Presidential history with an attention-holding blend of age-appropriate fact, period prints and photos, and cartoon humor. Getting To Know blows the dust off history and brings the past to life!

Award-winning writer/illustrator Mike Venezia has been charming his young readers for decades with his books about great artists and composers. Buy them as individual titles or in money-saving sets. Pair them with their matching videos, too!

  • What is the best way to teach? When it’s fun! If you are teaching art history, I cannot recommend a more engaging way that incorporating the Getting To Know the World’s Greatest Artists VIDEOS!–Old Schoolhouse Magazine

  • Featuring exciting animation, lively music, fun sound effects, and youthful narration, this informative production, divided into five chapters which can be selected individually, will be useful for art instruction and excite students to experiment with different media.”–School Library Journal

  • The artist’s evolution from painter and sculptor to filmmaker and superstar is discussed with music, contemporary photographs, and art reproductions ...adding just enough silliness to maintain interest, this entertaining program leads youngsters into the world of pop art.–American Library Association

  • These videos may be the vehicle that helps your students gain an understanding of how the works created by each of these individuals influenced the artists of their time and the generations that followed.–National Art Education Association

  • I just wanted to let you know that I especially love your artist DVDs. I teach middle school art, and including these dvd's into my lessons and projects really makes it interesting and fun in my classroom. These DVDs are the ONLY ones I have found that my students can relate to and find interesting. – Tammy Woehle 3-D Art Teacher - Fletcher Middle Teacher of the Year, 2012-2013