We create fun, animated educational videos for children to introduce them to important figures and concepts in art and history. Journey through the lives of great artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Ringgold, and Rembrandt, and bring some of the world’s most iconic art creations into your home for a detailed and kid-friendly virtual viewing. Learn about art materials and step-by-step techniques in our instructional All About Art series, or get to know the Founding Fathers in an accessible and memorable way.

Education Made Entertaining and Accessible

We want educators and learners of all ages to enjoy and learn from our videos, and our content is friendly to kindergartners while still having something to offer middle and high school students. We offer free teaching and learning resources to accompany most of our programs, from coloring pages to sophisticated lessons and self-directed projects developed by the National Gallery of Art. All of our videos are closed captioned for hearing-impaired viewers

For years, we’ve been a stalwart resource for art teachers and sold our programs primarily by licensing or providing DVDs to school districts and libraries. We have recently correlated all of our content to state and national education standards in language arts, social studies, and arts education to make it easy for art teachers to match our videos to their lesson plans for each grade level. Visit our correlations page for more details.

On Demand Rentals

You are of course more than welcome to purchase DVDs and book sets for home use directly from our website or through, but we offer on demand rentals through our streaming channel on Vimeo to make our programs more affordable for families. Each $2.99 rental lets you stream the video as many times as you want in a 3-day period (compared to $29.99 to purchase each title). Homeschool parents can use the code “homeschool” to access their first free episode.

Books and Book Sets

Many of our videos are adaptations of books by beloved writer and illustrator Mike Venezia, and we have compiled sets of his books to accompany our videos. To purchase books & book sets, click here.


We love to know families are using our programs and to see your creativity in action. Follow us on Twitter @Getting2Know or on Facebook, and show us what you are making.