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Booklist Lincoln review

Getting To Know Abraham Lincoln
Booklist review – February 2012

In this latest title in the ongoing Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents series that began with George Washington (2007), animated cartoon character Abraham Lincoln tells his life story—talking about his backwoods childhood, self-education, and political career that culminated in the White House.A male narrator effectively adjusts his voice to reflect Lincoln’s trials and accomplishments, striking a balance between warmth and seriousness.

The coverage does not shy away from the difficult topics, including that Lincoln faced some difficult times in his marriage, particularly following the death of two sons. A somewhat simplified discussion of the Civil War suggests that all the southern states were in favor of slavery, while all the North favored abolition. Humorous asides include Lincoln discussing Shakespeare with his oxen while plowing; kids will have no trouble distinguishing silliness from factual information. Period Photographs and prints add historic authenticity.