Getting to Know … All About Art (Series)

3 DVDs. color. range 17-26 min. with tchrs. guide.  K-Gr4

$29.95 ea.  Includes: Getting To Know”Line In Art; Color In Art; Shape and Form In Art

These titles offer basic introductions to simple, yet important art concepts. Lessons feature colorful computer animation  photography, and reproductions of artwork, The clear narration. done by a group of youngsters. is complemented by music and sound effects. Onscreen text fa­cilitates the narration makingthe lessons accessible to different types of learners. The lessons move at a quick pace and offer viewers a chance to respond to questions and make observations. such as comparinging and contrasting different works of art.

Simple activity ideas are also incorporated into the lessons, creating an interactive as well as entertaining experience. Each video uses chapters to explain and introduce the concepts of line, color, and shape and form.

Color in Art covers such topics as an introduction to the color wheel, warm and cool colors, tints, values, and shades.

In Line in Art. viewers learn about kinds of lines, the expressive quality of lines, line as pattern or texture. and much more. A segment on cartooning will entertain youngsters.

Shape and Form in Art covers geometric and organic shapes, shape and patterns, and shape in painting and sculpture. Works by Gauguin, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and others are used as examples throughout the series to show how the con­cepts presented actually translate into the world of art. A fun way to teach children about the basics of art.

– April MAzza, Wayland Public Library, MA