Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Color. 24min. Kiki & Assocs. 2003. $24.95. K-Gr 6
Based on Venezia’s book of the same title, Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Leonardo Da Vinci transports viewers back in time to Renaissance Italy. The narrator embellishes the period flavor by speaking with an Italian accent; on occasion, though, words are difficult to decipher. Venezia offers a look at many of Da Vinci’s famous works and provides interesting and unusual facts about the paintings. The animated cartoon characters who act out the story, explain Da Vinci’s inventions, and pointont details ofthe artwork will appeal to students, but it can be jarring and incongruous at times to see them standing in front of masterpieces or even blocking the view.

Overall, the video provides a humorous overview of the life and work of this fa mous artist. While there are a variety videos on Da Vinci and his art, few are geared for early elementary students, so this could provide a basic introduction to a study of the Old Masters.

Older students may also benefit from Questar’s Life of Leonardo Da Vinci (1995) with its more thorough and in-depth coverage of the artist’s life.-Laurie Edwards, Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA