Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents: Abraham Lincoln VIDEO/DVD

Mike Venezia is a master when it comes to bringing history to life for kids. He takes factual information and makes it personal, while tossing in funny asides through hilarious cartoon illustrations. This video is based on Venezia’s book (Childrens Press, 2005).

A cartoon Abraham lincoln narrates the story of his life with warmth and humor. Viewers learn about Lincoln’s childhood, education, and political career. Information about the causes and impact of the Civil War and the issue of slavery Is also presented. All told from lincoln’s point of view, this is a compelling, fascinating window into an important time period and shows this president’s lasting legacy. The humorous moments add to the seriousness of the information. The presentation is filled with historical photographs and artwork, augmenting its depth and content, and the background music adds an evocative subtext.

Kurt Johns narrates. and his expressive voice breathes life into the character. This exceptional production merits a place in every library collection. Teachers will demand it around Presidents’ Day, but find valuable ways to incorporate it into the curriculum throughout the school year.- Teresa Bateman, Brigadoon Elementary, Federal Way. WA