George Washington ***1/2

(2007) 16 min. IW1): $59.95. Getting To Know.PPR. Closed captioned.

This entry in the entertaining series Getting to Know The U.S. Presidents, based on Mike Venezia’s very popular Getting to Know books, offers a fact-filled introduction to America’s first president. Narrated by “George” himself, the program combines whimsical animation and archival stills of various documents and paintings to bring this historical figure to life, a man that many only think of as the face on a dollar bill.

Viewers will learn about Washington’s first job at the age of 16, the reasons he turned down the chance to become America’s king, and why he isn’t smiling in a famous portrait. Outlining Washington’s many per­ sonal and professional accomplishments­ while also emphasizing his extraordinary leadership qualities-George Washington is a nicely-paced program that adopts an easygoing conversational tone and boasts a fine sense of humor. Other titles in this series include lohn Adams and the forthcom­ing Thomas Jefferson.

Highly recommended. Aud: E, I, P. (E. Gieschen)