In these videos, students will really feel that they meet and get to know some of the world’s greatest artists. Students will come to the videos with varying background knowledge. And, as students watch the videos, they will remember and identify with different aspects of the artist’s story. After the video, you will want to save some time for a discussion. If you have additional time, you may want to direct an activity that builds on what students have learned in the video.

-What kind of person was this artist? Or, how would you describe their personality?
– What were some of his/her influences (the things in his or her life that made the paintings look the way they did)?
– How did his/her paintings look? Or what was his/her style of painting? Did this style change during the artist’s lifetime? If yes, how?
– What were his/her subjects (the type of subject matter in the works, such as portraits, landscapes, interiors, still life, etc.)? Did these change?
– Was he/she successful during his/her lifetime?
– These videos use humor to help us understand and remember important things about the artist’s life. What were your favorite funny moments in the video?
– Why do you think that this artist is considered a great artist? What makes an artist great?
– What work of art do you most remember and/or like from the video? Why?