Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists – Video Series

A brushstroke of genius! Our family absolutely loves this series! We have had the book series for the last few years (which we loved) and were thrilled when the videos came out.

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists, the video series, are animated videos that introduce Children (whole families, really) to artists of all times. The videos have us all laughing at Mr. Venezia’s sense of humor displayed throughout each film. It is such a fun way to learn art his­tory! We read these books and watch the videos in our free time and soak in all of the information.

These videos are about art and their artists, but not all art is great. You, as a parent, may want to watch some of the videos first, to know which ones fit your family. Overall, though, this series is spectacular and will always be our absolute favorite!

-Product Review by: Coie Igarashi, The Old School­ house Magazine

And another perspective:

Getting To Know The Word’s Greatest Artists VIDEO SERIES.

What is the best way to teach? When its fun! If you are teaching art history, I cannot recommend a more engaging way than incorporating the Getting To Know the Wor1d’s Greatest Artists VIDEOS!

My family is already a huge fan of the book series by Mike Venezia. The videos, just like the books, are entertaining, energetic, fun, and educational. My entire family was captivated as we watched animated Da Vind, Monet, Rembrant and Van Gogh characters ‘rest their own stories.

When Da Vinci ‘hosts’ his video, he teases the audience by keeping his most famous portrait hidden throughout the video. It was fun to watch the kids try and guess what the painting was (Mona Lisa) before Da Vinci finally revealed it at the end.

In our home classes over the years, our kids have been studying art and famous artists. It was great to see my kids relate and make the connections with their studies. Our daughter, Emmiko, had been studying and sketching Van Gogh paintings recently. When we watched Van Gogh, she was ecstatic! She ran to get a book full of Van Gogh paintings to show us what she had been leaming. These videos use fun (and funny!) tactics to keep your interest. Art can be a little inappropriate in some areas. In the Da Vinci video they had a creative way of tactfully avoiding nudity in pictures. Our family appreciated this. If we were to change anything about the videos, it would be to have them longer! However, pemaps keeping the videos shorter leaves us with a desire to learn more.

-Product Review by: Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor,The Old Schoolhouse Magazine