Getting To Know The World’s Greatest Artists

Theme Song


Lyrics and Music by Manny Mendelson

Opening song lyrics.


We’re Famous Artists

Yes Famous Artists

Paul Gauguin, Edward Hopper and Van Gogh (“Oh!”)


Pablo Picasso (“I thought so!”)

I’m Goya (“Howoya”)


We’re definitely people you should know…


Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo, Paul Klee

The names just keep coming (“and we haven’t got all day!)


We’re Famous Artists (“Renoir”)

Yes Famous Artists (“au revoir”)


Monet, Da Vinci, Pieter Breugel

(“Don’t pinch me!”)


Some people think we’re geniuses

Some people think we’re weird (“Weird, what’s weird? Weird is a relative term.”)


Toulouse-Lautrec, Mary Cassatt

(“And please don’t touch my beard!”)


Andy Warhol, Jacob Lawrence

Jackson Pollack too


I’m afraid we have to go now

So we’ll just say “toodle-oo”


And if you think we’re slightly nuts

That may be slightly true…


But that, my fine young viewer

We’ll leave up to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!