Abraham Lincoln – 3 stars

Sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln is the focus of this latest entry in the Getting To Know the U.S.¬†Presidents¬†series produced by author and director Mike Venezia. Combining pastel colors, archival photos, animation, and narration by “Abe” himself, Abraham Lincoln explores Lincoln’s life, beginning with his birth in a Harden County, K Y, dirt cabin, brief months of schooling, and encouragement to read from his step-mother(Lincoln enjoying Robinson Crusoe, Shakespeare, and the Bible).

Touching on various jobs taken by the strong but skinny jack-of-all-trades, the program depicts Lincoln as a soldier, surveyor, lawyer, postmaster, and more, before delving into his political career, family life, Civil War difficulties, and historical significance.

Featuring quotes, important events, vocabulary, and fanciful bitstsuch as Abe discussing the love scene from Romeo and Juliet with talking oxen), this is definitely recommended.

Aud: E,P.(J.Wiliiams-Wood)