What Kids and their Teachers have to say about us…

“Fantastic videos! I am an art teacher of over 1,100 elementary students. My fifth graders read the books and do book reports. Now they have been enjoying the Van Gogh video…We are all looking forward to the rest of the series. Thanks a bunch!”
— Karen C.

“I like how it told a lot of facts. It was also very funny.”
— Kyle (fourth grade)

“My class wants to write and tell you how much they loved your artist videos! They are awesome! My kids were fascinated and held on to every word. They learned so much!”
— Janet C.

“I LOVE THE MOVIES! Please hurry—make many more! We are doing a unit on Great Artists, and your movies are a huge hit!”
— Leah R.

“You guys have done a phenomenal job! The kids loved the Rembrandt and Van Gogh animations and I really think that it is a wonderful adjunct to the slide presentations that I offer the students.”
— Kay M.

“Thank you for making Leonardo da Vinci video because I love the Mona Lisa. So please make more videos.”
— Tiffany (fourth grade)

“Hi, I love using your books and videos to teach my Kindergarten to third grade students about great artists and artwork…The kids love knowing details of the artists’ lives and sharing it with their families as well…Because we are living in Germany (I teach in a DoDDS School) our students have access to some of the greatest works of art. The parents are telling me their kids are always bugging them to take them to The Louvre and other great museums! I can’t complain about that.”
— Barb O.

“Usually [my students] complain when they see a video because that means they won’t get to have fun creating their own work. But, this was different! Not only did they manage to sit still for thirty minutes, they also came away with an understanding of what it takes to become an artist.”
— Carolyn R.

“I have enjoyed showing the Van Gogh and Monet videos to my elementary school students for the past two years. You folks did a great job of producing an ‘educational’ yet fun and truly interesting story that really holds my students’ attention…You guys really rock when it comes to Art Education!”
–Pat S.